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Human Resources Webchat

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888chan webchat | Hard Gay Chats

Lolcow Board
File 139636905123.jpg - (25.20KB , 320x240 , phagaut.jpg )
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Here is the Autphag update for those who haven't been following the fun.

Autphag has changed a bit since his failed suicide bid. For one thing, he's now an out and proud transexual (at least online) going by the name of Sophie. He was spending a lot of time hanging around in the 888Chan IRC, but eventually everyone got sick of his tranny sperging and threw him and his comrade-in-mental-illness NegiSpringfield out into the cold.

They formed another IRC channel, #spergs on irc.rizon.net, and from there they have been plotting to bring down 888Chan and the PVCC. Autphag is delusionally convinced that Cogsdev and the rest of the PVCC are working with Mossad to take him down. (I'm serious, he's been chimping out about this on Tinychan daily)

Now, he vows to wreak revenge on 888Chan and the PVCC from a new Chan board at www.spergchan.org. Hilariously, Negi "negidick.jpg" Springfield is acting as his obedient lapdog in this insane quest, and the pair have even been romantically linked. (Again, not making this up)
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>> No. 44726 [Edit]
What I want to know is where he's getting mods from.
>> No. 44732 [Edit]
some tranny IRC channel he frequents. I forget what its called but P-logic knows
>> No. 44736 [Edit]
He offers a moderator position to anyone who comes into his IRC and respects his pronouns, pretty much. Within the first 15 minute of talking to them, sometimes. There are twice as many mods than users

File 139770414092.jpg - (69.32KB , 519x542 , b51c848752b9ace3b18058c4e34b3e0d496674632.jpg )
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So, I'm definitely late to this party... But what's the deal with Jenffer A. Jay?
>> No. 44733 [Edit]
He once put his dick between crackers and uploaded pics.
>> No. 44734 [Edit]
File 139770537576.jpg - (104.83KB , 759x930 , 7ac83152f273184a4c7c55fe3ed5c51a1692849111.jpg )
geb yours guns and get read hell is here to done us in for good.

This reads like Finnegans Wake.
>> No. 44735 [Edit]
I wish I was making this up, but I am not.
One night in 2012, I wanna say.. November. I stayed up really late and got really drunk, like the most hammered I have been or ever will be.

If there's one thing I remember I remember it very specifically. I was playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma and kept dying over and over due to my NO REFLEXES, all while I had one Jennifer's videos on loop, Pilot's Oh Ho Ho Magic.

File 139765323414.jpg - (560.76KB , 800x600 , pvcc.jpg )
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New PVCC general thread since the old one hit the bump limit.

Here's a question: if someone was a big CWC aficionado, would they find a lot of good unseen shit in the forums? I don't mean hoarded cocks. I mean stuff like threads where people are formulating the classic trolling plans, etc.

If someone did want to get an account in this day and age, how would they go about it?

(PREVIOUS THREAD: >>/arch/9310)
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>> No. 44723 [Edit]
Agreed. I genuinely feel bad for the guy. He had a rough life and really was a nice guy who didn't do any harm to anyone.

I heard an update about him a year ago, and he had a girlfriend and looked really happy, which I think is fantastic. Last I will say about him.
>> No. 44728 [Edit]
Who is the Magic mystery man in Chris's room?
>> No. 44731 [Edit]

Somebody called PodMonkey

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  Found a new lulcow on youtube. She's an alleged attorney with autism who screeches about an ever growing conspiracy to oppress her. The first video posted is her getting mad at a judge.

This video shows in real-time a full scale Autism meltdown showing exactly what happens when Courts force Autistic people to have to sue to force insurance companies to pay meritorious claims -- and do so in a Court system not prepared to understand or meaningfully accommodate Autism."

Her other videos are her riding her horses. Old videos from childhood and being mad at the state/judicial system/mean neighbors for not accommodating her manic autism. One of the videos is claiming that she was "assaulted" because her neighbors used there back yard as a shooting range. She lives in rural florida and not in a cramped place like tokyo/manhattan. She also hints in the same video that the neighbor wants to shoot her "drone" down. The "drone" comes back down and it's a cheap piece of shit RF Styrofoam plane. The bulletholes are just tears in the styrofoam.

I feel like this lady has a lot of lulcowness in her. I don't have the time to look through everything but I will put in the effort. Legal fags please google her name and read her lolsuits. Also, can you legal fags post about the lolsuits as well. They seem funny but I am not a lawyer/legal fag. Here is the information about this chick.

Name : Mary Day-Petrano
Twitter : https://twitter.com/EquiisSavant
Blog: http://equiisautististicsavant.blogspot.com/
Personal Website: http://equiisautisticsavantartist.webs.com
Some of her most memorable tweets: http://favstar.fm/users/equiissavant
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MaryKDayPetrano?feature=watch
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 44697 [Edit]
This all seems very forced. I'm willing to bet it's an act. Something to propel her legal career no doubt.

I mean, holy shit that yelling.

>> No. 44701 [Edit]
Actually, it's not uncommon. Some people with autism have 0 impulse control and thrown even worse temper tantrums than exhibited here. I knew a Sp.Ed (special education, for the uninitiated) kid in middle school who allegedly collapsed the walls of his punishment closet, ran into the adjacent room and bit another kid. The walls had poor structural integrity, which is why he was capable of knocking them down with enough effort.
>> No. 44724 [Edit]

If you look at her twitter there's posts about how autism makes "standardized testing like the BAR unfair" for her. Yeah, she's trying to guilt trip some state into giving her an "autism waver" so she can become a lawyer. Can you imagine her being appointed your public defender? Or imagine going to court and your prosecutor starts screaming about her "Autism horse"? It'll never happen, and that's going to make her meltdown twice as hard.

File 139747362531.jpg - (28.20KB , 595x347 , jew-wario-rip-595x347.jpg )
44401 No. 44401 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
remember this guy? turns out he is alive. fans spotted him at pax.
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>> No. 44475 [Edit]
File 139753768487.jpg - (20.86KB , 460x288 , 75rtmf4y.jpg )
Remember this guy? Turns out he is alive. Fans spotted him in 'MURICA
>> No. 44477 [Edit]
I laughed wayyyyyyyyyyy too hard at that...
>> No. 44718 [Edit]
Meme asides, do you have some links OP? Videos? Tweets?

I want to see a shitstorm if this is true. Even if it comes from TGWTG spergs.

File 139764575852.jpg - (137.23KB , 954x653 , redbubble search results.jpg )
44667 No. 44667 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What do you think of people trying to sell lolcow related merchandise? Funny? Ween? Disgusting? A good potential trolling method? Simply trying to profit off of (usually) mentally challenged people? Theft?
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>> No. 44714 [Edit]
I wonder if many people would buy medallions or sketches from Chris, kind of like a what if though since it seems Chris is adverse to selling shoddy goods for high prices even though it's so commonplace on the internet.

Has he ever said why he doesn't do it? I'm assuming he doesn't understand it?

I always feel bad for him since even though Sonichu is terrible he still deserves to make money on his notoriety if for some reason anyone wants to buy shitty Sonichu t shirts, trucker hats, mouse mats or whatever.
>> No. 44715 [Edit]
>Has he ever said why he doesn't do it? I'm assuming he doesn't understand it?

'Cause he's too fucking lazy. He'd rather stretch his tugboat thin than put out a little bit of extra effort to make a couple of extra dollars.

The only reason we don't get new Sonichu cocks is because, again, he doesn't want to dedicate any time into doing anything anymore.
>> No. 44716 [Edit]
He could actually sue others for making a profit off his character. Wouldn't that be a strange twist. Sonichu is exempt from being sued by Sega as it could be viewed as a parody, but blatant attempts to make money off Sonichu using Chris Chans likeness and style are not, unless you go all Asperchu on it.
Hustler Magazine v. Falwell.

File 13798634729.jpg - (39.00KB , 640x480 , fatty.jpg )
26029 No. 26029 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
| Another comic artist in his 30s who draws like he's in elementary school.
| Gets butthurt when people call his work shit.
| Has taken to twitter to spew butthurt about not winning the Anthrocon art show, thinking his work was superior.
| Hates "Obummer" and the "damn liberals"
| Sometimes so unbelievable, you wonder if he's a troll or not.
| "Markets" to libraries and library conventions instead of comic conventions?
| Has a thing for fatties and balloons
| Seems to have no idea why his "freelancing" is failing to make him rich
| Is a yiffbag, obviously
| the list goes on

Twitter: https://twitter.com/maxwestart
Comic and Web: http://sunnyvillestories.com/
Deviant Art: http://maxwestart.deviantart.com/
85 posts and 14 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 44687 [Edit]
File 139766011368.png - (321.72KB , 670x1295 , Twitter -maxwestart-@ericvansingel He actually __.png )
Max had a confrontation with an art director.
>> No. 44693 [Edit]
Where's the joke, buckley?
>> No. 44712 [Edit]
Well that is a bit harsh. The guys a mental midget, kid gloves are required.

File 139761361782.jpg - (47.19KB , 480x360 , image.jpg )
44639 No. 44639 hide quickreply [Reply] [Edit]

(It didn't, but you still shitposted. 3 days of reeducation for this goyim)
>> No. 44647 [Edit]
File 139762188013.jpg - (39.91KB , 525x370 , jA6gp_St_81.jpg )
Is there some point to this thread? Is it to post /pol/cows? Or are you declaring war? What?
>> No. 44708 [Edit]
jesus that poster in the background seems so....i don't know. Not dadaist, some form of futurist artstyle. Weird to see a 'christian' KKK group be all futurist.
>> No. 44711 [Edit]
It's even more sureal to see the killer posing with his weapon of choice as a young man. Usually this is the time when neighbors tell us what a quite man he was and how shocked they are.

File 139393557171.png - (45.77KB , 872x724 , 1391551932158.png )
41026 No. 41026 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Social Justice thread #134 we /vg/ now edition
196 posts and 38 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 44654 [Edit]
He's really gotten a lot more doughy recently. And that gangly red hair makes him look like Chucky.
>> No. 44656 [Edit]
I don't think its the hair. Try covering it up with your hand. It's probably the simple fact that cheap food tends to be rather high calorie while otherwise lacking in nutrition. Poor people get fat in America.
>> No. 44690 [Edit]

File 139212278763.jpg - (61.31KB , 600x450 , 800327142[1].jpg )
38819 No. 38819 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Some new NickBate cocks which I think is safe to assume is not fiction or some dream he had.
He has been admitted to a mental hospital for two weeks.
According to his recent tweets his therapist made him write a short and specific story about how he'd shoot up a mall and where he'd get the gun. After she read it she sent him to a mental hospital and his family want to take her to court for entrapment.

The story stinks. Nick is embellishing it or omitting something.
Either she asked him to just write a short story about anything he felt like and he went and wrote about shooting up a mall
OR she's some fucking oddball therapist with a community college diploma in psychology and she actually did get a mentally impeded person to write a story about shooting up a mall as some kind of exercise.
It then turned out to be too specific and too true to life for someone who isn't a skilled writer that she got scared at what she read and had him admitted.
OR Nick couldn't afford any "minutes" for two weeks so he just made up some bullshit. That's a possibility too.
145 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 44624 [Edit]
No place is that nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm8duRDsS8E every place has it's serial killers, and wildlife hazards. I'm from Missouri and the giant ticks and mosquitoes of Michigan bother me, so they made fun of me there - until they found out about brown recluse infestations where I'm from. You just don't fear what's in your own backyard. I'm sure Australians are the same way.
>> No. 44627 [Edit]
He's just upset he couldn't get into Jewlane
>> No. 44628 [Edit]
Ah OK. I though he was some kind of basement hipster trying to troll us ironically.

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