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Human Resources Webchat

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888chan webchat | Hard Gay Chats

Lolcow Board
File 139636905123.jpg - (25.20KB , 320x240 , phagaut.jpg )
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Here is the Autphag update for those who haven't been following the fun.

Autphag has changed a bit since his failed suicide bid. For one thing, he's now an out and proud transexual (at least online) going by the name of Sophie. He was spending a lot of time hanging around in the 888Chan IRC, but eventually everyone got sick of his tranny sperging and threw him and his comrade-in-mental-illness NegiSpringfield out into the cold.

They formed another IRC channel, #spergs on irc.rizon.net, and from there they have been plotting to bring down 888Chan and the PVCC. Autphag is delusionally convinced that Cogsdev and the rest of the PVCC are working with Mossad to take him down. (I'm serious, he's been chimping out about this on Tinychan daily)

Now, he vows to wreak revenge on 888Chan and the PVCC from a new Chan board at www.spergchan.org. Hilariously, Negi "negidick.jpg" Springfield is acting as his obedient lapdog in this insane quest, and the pair have even been romantically linked. (Again, not making this up)
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>> No. 45991 [Edit]
I'd second this. If you don't find a thread entertaining, just hide it instead of coming in and shitposting/derailing it with telling everyone in it that it's not funny or entertaining, even though clearly it is for them or they wouldn't be there in the first place.

Personally I don't really enjoy the SJW threads. To me they're boring and always devolve into people debating the social issues the SJWs are chimping out about. However, instead of going in those threads, which are pretty popular here, and telling everyone it's not funny, I just hide them.

If you don't find people like Jace or Autphag funny, you might just want to consider not coming around /cow/ at all anymore. This is what we have nowadays. Robb is still around on his Tumblr and Autphag's MiniBBS Spergchan.org, but his presence is otherwise greatly diminished, much like Chris-Chan's. If those are the only kind of cows you like, then you're going to be disappointed here most of the time.
>> No. 46084 [Edit]
File 139915936857.jpg - (178.89KB , 720x1280 , TTMrUM0.jpg )
Was just provided this image from Phag to prove where he is along with this message:

"Note the perception deception book, and search for examples of the interior at Ward 17 in West Lothian. You're welcome, cunt. I was in Huntlyburn for a while since Scotland is a second world hellhole with a beds crisis. "
>> No. 46085 [Edit]
>David Icke book
Here is a synopsis someone did for part of his book:
>Icke believes that the reptilians have closed off the many frequencies that we can't sense currently, similar to a firewall on a PC. This firewall/transmission comes from the moon and it blocks certain abilities that are embedded in our physical bodies, but unknown to us. He says black holes resonate at a frequency that in turn, dictates how much of the awareness is emitted by the sun in the form of photons. This begs the question; what would the emission of photons from the sun do that affects our bodies and prevents us from accessing our abilities?

What great reading material for a psych ward patient!

File 139765323414.jpg - (560.76KB , 800x600 , pvcc.jpg )
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New PVCC general thread since the old one hit the bump limit.

Here's a question: if someone was a big CWC aficionado, would they find a lot of good unseen shit in the forums? I don't mean hoarded cocks. I mean stuff like threads where people are formulating the classic trolling plans, etc.

If someone did want to get an account in this day and age, how would they go about it?

(PREVIOUS THREAD: >>/arch/9310)
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>> No. 45999 [Edit]
  So was there a specific reason why PVCC decided to start This Troper?
>> No. 46007 [Edit]
I always thought This Troper was born out of that ridiculous thread on SA?
>> No. 46083 [Edit]
File 139915900068.jpg - (81.04KB , 1142x491 , phagonfuchs.jpg )


Any truth to this, Fuchs?

File 139267437125.png - (100.61KB , 692x328 , RWS thread.png )
39352 No. 39352 hide quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Last thread is apparently on autosage. New Robert Wayne Stiles thread.

Robb's currently at war with "SJWs" on Twitter and Tumblr, yelling at Jeph Jonqcues and David Willis, making them look good (which isn't easy to do.) He's claiming he'll create a new webcomic to combat the "Webcomic Union" that forced Brew to quit writing Shredded Moose.

It only gets crazier and crazier as we dive deeper into the pit.
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>> No. 46077 [Edit]
>turning on Shredded Moose

I know he always ends up hating the things he obsessed over, but what is his reason this time? What did SM do or didn't do to anger the Goblin King?
>> No. 46080 [Edit]
Maybe he's trying to voice the popular opinion in hopes he gets people bandwagoning with him?
>> No. 46082 [Edit]
File 139915855788.gif - (2.82MB , 290x218 , flipped the bitch.gif )
I think he's just drunk/high and flipping his shit.

No. 28565 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
  Ah, another annoying YouTube "celebrity" named Kat.

Excusing that people like Kat demand we ignore instinct and what's glaringly obvious (just listen to his voice), beggars for acceptance like him can't seem to grasp they antagonize their potential base by lacking an iota of humor. Isn't it impossible to like someone when he doesn't even try to be likable? It seems to escape them that being the butt of any particular joke constitutes basic human experience. They want that social shield of "special treatment" yet act surprised whenever others resent them. It's nigh impossible to feel comfortable around those who must be treated delicately even at their worst behavior, and it's further compounded when treating them less than kindly is considered a political, rather than a personal, statement.

And while we're at, I find it hilarious that these people just think that mere assertion is sufficient to be a woman. To these people, race doesn't exist, but if you THINK you're a chick, you actually are, biology be damned. Jesus.
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>> No. 46076 [Edit]
File 139915663921.png - (109.89KB , 591x1378 , K_T_ Haché (papierhache) on Twitter.png )
The tweets that started it all.
>> No. 46078 [Edit]
File 139915764128.png - (498.59KB , 561x708 , 1338594476558.png )
I'm curious to see where this goes.
>> No. 46081 [Edit]
File 139915823954.jpg - (125.46KB , 885x448 , 2.jpg )
Top story tonight. Local shitposter emails Tennessee news reporter about Privilege.

File 139915441721.jpg - (37.65KB , 347x512 , 09456L.jpg )
46065 No. 46065 hide quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Fuck you fucking losers. Stay the fuck off my twitter and leave me alone.
>> No. 46066 [Edit]
seems legit
>> No. 46073 [Edit]
File 139915633014.jpg - (684.48KB , 1280x1714 , tumblr_mw5oxuCdkf1rkk532o1_1280.jpg )
Hi Kevin?
>> No. 46079 [Edit]
Could also be Robb. Fun to be had either way.

File 139858185192.jpg - (229.90KB , 860x555 , brony_antifa.jpg )
45601 No. 45601 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Old thread hit the 300+ autosage count.

Please help keep our restaurant bathroom of an image board McDonald's tier instead of Denny's tier. Posts should be related to nigh universally humorous behaviors and statements by SJW. Getting a little sick of diet /pol/ and reactionaries against it filling up the SJW threads with "conservatives are equally bad because *link*" and "Top kek m8s! This faggot actually believes the Jews didn't cause the 208 crash! What a SJW!"

>captcha: careful pledgn
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>> No. 46055 [Edit]
It says that was about a soldier though, I didn't say it to be anti Jewish but the Oscars seem obsessed, even in that article:
>The other top winners: Kate Winslet, best actress for the Holocaust-themed drama "The Reader"
>> No. 46056 [Edit]

I saw the movie that beat it, Okuribito. It was perfect academy bait by any country's standards. No shame at all in losing to it.
>> No. 46064 [Edit]
File 139915385136.jpg - (207.23KB , 1280x850 , tumblr_n33ztf6LyS1r83d7lo1_1280.jpg )
ADD and people that ADF reblogs.


No. 45939 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
  I don't think we've had a thread here before about Moon truthers. No, not the ones who don't believe in the moon landing, these are folks who believe that the moon itself isn't even real. They're convinced that the Moon and possibly the entire sky is a hologram. For what purpose, they don't usually say, but they think they have video proof that the sky is fake.
It's paranoia almost on the level of gangstalkers, and googling "Moon hologram" produces a disturbing number of results.
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>> No. 46057 [Edit]
File 139913602912.jpg - (61.31KB , 640x640 , 3gabemoon.jpg )

Every conspiracy theorist website looks like an abortive transition between web 1.0 and 2.0
>> No. 46062 [Edit]
File 13991488176.jpg - (1.92MB , 2496x2590 , gas_chamber_doors.jpg )

SEE PICTURE in this post

What's the difference between the three German gas chambers at the VERY BOTTOM of the picture versus the pictures of four rows of American gas chambers above them? Notice something wrong with the "German engineering" that would allow all the gas to leak out of the room allowing the gas to kill the camp guards as well as the inmates?

Also your link to an interview with some boring douche named "Doctor Spermer" was not funny at all. Watch this 10 minute video clip of Jewish holocaust historian David Cole on the Phil Donahue show in the 1990's with hilarious overdub comedy added by a very creepy and weird voice that sounds like Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder) commenting on the Holocaust:


That Donahue show video footage was taken right before David Cole had to fake his own death and change his name to "David Stein" because the rest of the Jewish community made several attempts at assassinating him.

Now if everything about the holocaust story about 6 trillion Jews dying in gas chambers is 100% true then why would the Jewish community feel the need to assassinate one of their own members just because he's snooping around Auschwitz gathering evidence to check whether the so-called "gas chambers" were fakes built by the Communist USSR Jewish propaganda team (Ilya Ehrenberg and Vasily Grossman) AFTER world war 2 is over.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 46063 [Edit]
Oh my fucking god shut up.

Here, some Nazis from the hologram of the Moon.

File 139880219052.jpg - (1.43MB , 618x3281 , 1398769074782.jpg )
45797 No. 45797 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I bet some of your know about Aaron Diaz, his webcomic Dresden Codak, his half assed redesigns of popular franchises like Zelda and how much of a tool he his, like narcissistic personality disorder tier of tool.

I just think you will enjoy these screen caps.
On this first one he is complaning about a fair and balanced review that gave Drenden Codak 4/5 stars.
35 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 46054 [Edit]
Don't forget the token kid in the wheelchair and the black kid wearing a basketball jersey.
>> No. 46059 [Edit]
So is brightly dyed hair the female equivalent of a fedora on a man?
>> No. 46061 [Edit]
Christ, does everything this idiot does has to be steam punk/deco. He's one note.

File 139905426594.png - (2.94MB , 2550x3300 , OmegaloreTruth.png )
46015 No. 46015 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]

"Welcome, I'm Omegalore. Here are some things ye need to know about meself. I'm autistic, a fan of Dora the Explorer (Which has Daisy Dora's Cousin), make me own comics, quick, strong, and smart, shy, a strong silent type, alot of people know me, a real nice person but get berserk easily, like to read, have mutations of a girl (Manbreasts and fat legs thanks to respradol a medication I used to take since I was 8), wear glasses, a gamer, very good artist, and a cat person. That's pretty much it. Omegalore over and out."
(From his old steam hb.juicy)
5 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 46031 [Edit]
I think we all know who this reminds us of.
>> No. 46038 [Edit]
The lord Christian himself?
>> No. 46049 [Edit]
Probably because he took Risperdal, which is something they use for autism among other conditions. I see ads for class action lawsuits against the makers of Risperidal all the time on late night TV.

No. 40012 hide quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
  >video related, his best so far

From the ParkourDude91 wiki:

Jace "Stryker" Connors, AKA ParkourDude91, is a 20 year old unemployed,racist, delusional, alcoholic,Weaboo, obnoxious YouTube personality who lives with his parents and spends his life playing video games, smoking weed and vlogging, all of which are funded entirely by his parent's income and his welfarebenefits. He describes himself as a "future Navy SEAL", "future Marine", or "future Spec Op", depending on which day you ask him, and is obsessed with parkour, martial arts, and the Desert Eagle handgun, which he owns an airsoft "replica" that he uses to practice gun kata. He is the leader of a self-professed "street gang" of parkour enthusiasts, stoners, gamers, and juggalos known as Deagle Nation. And no, sadly, he is not a troll.

Jace became somewhat of a minor Internet personality in October of 2012 for his high-profile opinions, horribly designed webpage, and controversial YouTube videos, in which he claimed to be an expert on wide variety of topics he knew nothing about and refused to ever admit he was wrong.

He is average height, slightly overweight, and in more recent videos he sports a goatee, beard and intense tan. To date, he has never been seen without his pair of flame sunglasses, which he claims are his "trademark". Aside from that, he is often photographed posing with a cheap stainless steel knife with "Semper Fidelis" (latin for "Always Faithful", motto of the US Marines) written on it in Sharpie. He introduces himself as "P to the ParkourDude91" and uses a faux-hip hop Jadakiss "tahah" chuckle/laugh as if it were a form of punctuation.

Recent history: After making the Hater Hitlist video, he held a livestream that got raided by Islamic trolls and DDoS'd. After that, he disappeared for about two months, with his idiot friend Tyce saying he went to Parris Island to become a Marine. A few weeks after he disappeared, Tyce became suspicious that he wasn't really at Parris Island, on account of Jace's mother not gi
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
312 posts and 50 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 46000 [Edit]
It's obvious what happened.

ScaryDeep sent his goons from Team Gamerfood to kidnap Jace and hold for ransom to get their illegal bitcoins back.
>> No. 46045 [Edit]
So gamers, if Jace ever comes back, what games do you wanna see him stream next?
>> No. 46046 [Edit]
File 139911224456.png - (1.67MB , 572x1622 , ParkourDude91 joins the marines.png )
I'd like to see him play Psychonauts, only to watch his horror when he finds out the villain of the game is a short, balding military-wannabe.


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