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888chan webchat | Hard Gay Chats

Lolcow Board
File 139536594051.jpg - (135.30KB , 1500x844 , autismspeaks-main.jpg )
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Time to bring this back , IRL LOLCOW THREAD EXPERIENCES

Ill start

For about half a year I attended an anime club much to my shame. As they tend to be this was a hive of autism. But one stood above the rest

Richard as I will call him wanted to be president of the club . That semester elections where held for the staff of the anime club. Now there was a campain with some posters and shit , but no one was really too invested besides Richard , who was running on the platform that he wanted to watch anime dubs instead of subs. So election day comes , people write down their name and vote , the previous president won and was going to be in charge again . No one really cared either way.

but Richard was furious, he got red in the face and demanded a recount (yes really). They refused , so he yelled that this was bullshit and that he was DICTATOR OF THE ANIME CLUB . He got up and flipped a table over and screamed at the former president stating that this was an outrage and he wouldnt let it stand. Of course he was kicked out of the club after this incident and tried to start his own club.

No one attended.
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>> No. 43446 [Edit]

goddamn I'm sorry about that.

Explanation not excuse: I'm actually more German than Yid now. Since I understand D, I understand what's going on in Yiddish differently and got annoyed that the sense of the German in it wasn't surviving; I was being adement about farkakte, with an r, because you can see what it is in German (or maybe moreso Dutch): verkakkt-, bit-by-bit-like something like "shitified". The r makes an a like sound but it's still different to me, and seeing that word without it made me think you were full of shit/didn't know what you were saying. Also, like I said, used to German so I (and most German or Dutch jews actually) spell it like it were Deutsch.

Basically I was pointlessly taking offence. I think language perception really depends on the speaker more than the language, I've heard amazing suave cool Latin guys, I've heard stereotypical Mexicans - I judge Spanish more by guys who sound like the dos equis guy than carlos mencia; likewise I judge Chinese more by my ex than by her mama or baba, who both sounded like drunken pirates because Chinese is evidently found of arrs and only has three vowels that smear all over the place. And then political arguing which is shit and sorry.

(also I forgot how sage works so if it don't sorry)
>> No. 43456 [Edit]
File 139679603498.png - (339.22KB , 480x480 , 12.png )
Hey, I'm no friend of the jews, but fuck, can we get back to the stories?
>> No. 43459 [Edit]

I don't mean to be a fucker but how many times has this thread happened? and how big is the userbase? You've almost certainly heard every story worth hearing.

File 139675400812.jpg - (93.46KB , 850x939 , image.jpg )
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(Your artwork is better suited on your mom's fridge)
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>> No. 43394 [Edit]
OP, did you make this yourself? It looks just like him! I'm very proud of you. You're growing up to be quite the little artist.

But like I said, this isn't your house. If you keep coming back here I'm gonna have to call the police.
>> No. 43397 [Edit]
Is this an intro to an art lolcow? Was there going to be more and an explanation?
>> No. 43442 [Edit]
File 139678634111.png - (72.41KB , 1518x843 , sanic.png )
If this is an autistic OC thread then please accept my sonic recolor. Original character do not steal of course

File 139659146763.jpg - (307.31KB , 960x720 , 1396588697689[1].jpg )
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Apparently the developer of Bob's game has wrote a memoir about the development process and his subsequent psychotic breakdown. Puts both Robbay and phag's to shame.


A few choice excerpts:

>Sitting on the stained bedspread, I thought about how it had come to this. I realized what a disaster I had become. My mind was completely tanked and I was completely terrified.
Suddenly, I made some connections. The track suits. The embarrassing videos. The porn in Japan. Conan the Barbarian. The hard drive of anime I had given Brandon. The computers I had bought in Tokyo. "Did you know you were a slave?"
>It was mind control! I had been brainwashed. Used! I didn't know what it meant to be free, but I sure didn't like that I was a slave!

>Politics is an industry based on mind control. Television is textbook brainwashing. Friendship and marriage is often codependence. Parents control their children! Boys make video games and start metal bands to control their girlfriends!
>We are psychic beings!
>The word "government" means "control mind!"
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>> No. 43420 [Edit]
File 139676606866.jpg - (608.00KB , 1280x5000 , Pvgh1UF.jpg )
I mean, you can literally watch it suck the life force out of the caste. I haven't seen an actor this miserable since Fritz threw Peter down a flight of stairs.
>> No. 43421 [Edit]
OculusVR.exe has encountered a problem.
>> No. 43422 [Edit]
I know we've totally derailed this thread but I haven't laughed this hard in ages.
They put up a green screen in the woods and what do they project on it? The woods.
I believe that's the moment that broke the cinematographer. We should have a thread about Lord of The Rings spergs.

File 139449523281.gif - (622.98KB , 500x282 , walking-dead-gifs-6.gif )
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Hey faggot. I know you post with all the other trollshielders on /cow/. I got a message for you.

You made the biggest fucking mistake of your life banning me from CWCki Forums. You clearly have no fucking idea who you are fucking with, faggot. I AM THE CWCKI FORUMS.

When I'm done with you, you're going to disappear from the internet forever. You and your forums will be a memory in the annals of troll history.

It's clear you are jealous of my trolling of ParkourDude91 and the saga that I have started. That's why you banned me. I've heard all about you talking shit about me on the forums and on this shithole. You have the fucking NERVE to call ME a ween troll? Especially here, at ween troll HQ?

Just don't cry when I fucking end you. Don't say I didn't tell you so. You fucked up faggot, and you will reap what you sow.
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>> No. 43116 [Edit]
hi Homor
>> No. 43119 [Edit]
hi im over here
>> No. 43140 [Edit]
Hi Homor.

No. 42657 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]

Just in case anybody's like me and sporadically looks at the CWCki's front page anymore (if at all) there were a few e-mail messages between alleged classmates of CWC or featuring the mayor himself.

Much like with his various IRL bans and grudge against Megan, Chris will not be satisfied unless his conditions are met in full and expects the CWCki and his ED page be removed from the internet forever. At least around the time of Bob's death, he was under the belief that he could sue to have his way and maintained that that his curse-ye-ha-me-has have actual repercussions.

A highlight to me is Chris-Chan's assertion that BlueSpike is responsible for the bizarre presence of electronic copies of games he already bought hard discs of in his PSN along with DLC for games that Chris didn't even own. I'd long presumed that Chris is just a terrible impulse buyer who was following the influence of his hoarding parents.
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>> No. 42946 [Edit]
I don't know, I like body pillows and think some of them are pretty funny. I generally don't use them proper though. I like having a really long pillow because I roll around a lot and have an kinda larger than average head. Not freakish, but big enough that people who have seen my pictures online have accused me of being a midget at 6 foot.
>> No. 43065 [Edit]

>I like body pillows and think some of them are pretty funny. I generally don't use them proper though.

never change, /cow/
>> No. 43101 [Edit]
File 139648364058.jpg - (16.92KB , 410x410 , 14081778.jpg )
As in between my legs. It's good for your back when sleeping on your side. Not everyone who has one is autistic.

File 139632850554.png - (78.88KB , 1712x696 , cwcki.png )
42942 No. 42942 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
and an apology was issued

the end of an era
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>> No. 43070 [Edit]
I wouldn't put it past them if they do shut it down.

The website did one of the most passively disturbing things as of late.
Made a update on their website to say Chris changed his Facebook cover photo.
>> No. 43077 [Edit]
Some people get ancy if "Da updated" isn't updated regularly so some people will go to great lengths to have something constitute an update.

Chris screwing around with his profile really isn't grounds for "Da update."
>> No. 43079 [Edit]
No shit is too minor.

File 139632073558.jpg - (104.23KB , 874x550 , CWCeffectsoftrolling.jpg )
42931 No. 42931 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So... Chris-chan has found our secret board, has he?
No matter, my troll brethren. The plan WILL commence and we will release the videos of him giving handjobs to those men at the Best Buy dumpster. Disgusting... after all those years of swearing he's not gay he now does sexual favours for men and dresses like a gay tranny!

As planned we will be playing the footage of Chris' sexual acts with men on the screens in Times Square on April 8th and there is NOTHING he can do to stop it... hahahahahahaaa...

Thank you, Tito, for finding his gay videos and Bluespike, you finally managed to burn his house down. Sabotaging his Keurig coffee maker was a stroke of genius!
Soon our master plan will come to fruition...
Keep up the good work, trolls!

- Clyde Cash
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>> No. 43061 [Edit]
if you believed anything was actually sent/anyone called/things were faxed to bestbuy, you are as autistic and gullible as chris and should kill yourself immediately

april fooolz guiz i was the guy chris jerked off behind the dumpster
>> No. 43064 [Edit]
I knew the tubby virgin fuck was a closet faggot. Just release the video already, it's been too long since we've gotten JULAY tier cocks from this manbaby.
>> No. 43069 [Edit]

Most non black males crave big black dick, is not gay, is just the way nature is.

File 13928717557.jpg - (106.52KB , 720x960 , 139260751866.jpg )
39602 No. 39602 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
The old PT thread quit bumping up and is now in the archive: http://888chan.org/arch/res/7293.html

Let's start off the thread with some new PT videos: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/rd480d0324052/PT_Yuna_Songtress

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>> No. 42643 [Edit]
she should just get together with the chris ross guy.
>> No. 42999 [Edit]
File 139637066345.jpg - (113.49KB , 730x1024 , 13963206528.jpg )
Pixyteri didn't let the genetics test results steal her dreams
>> No. 43005 [Edit]
File 139637309517.jpg - (79.74KB , 730x1024 , 139633602298.jpg )
Stay classy, PT

File 139631586252.jpg - (134.51KB , 1217x944 , hell.jpg )
42918 No. 42918 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]

Chris just name dropped 888chan and /cow/ on Facebook. As a result, we are getting alot more traffic from users from CWCki Forums.

Just wanted to say: You guys are faggots and your board is total hugbox for autists. Null is a fucking wanker. Cheers.
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>> No. 42926 [Edit]
It was Chris' "girlfriend" so it's a member of the Trolluminati.
>> No. 42927 [Edit]
>As the head of /cow/. I can't confirm or deny that there is a video of a fat autistic man with lucious bleached blonde locks servicing a best buy employee for the lego movie. I do have my suspicions though since chris has suffered a financial loss and still has enough money for legos. It's strange how the sexier white trash members of society can barely get by; yet have so much material wealth considering their situation. My theory is that carlos chantor has gone full tomgirl as carlie chantor with a farrah fawcett inspired hairdo. This is all speculation but Chris is a true wildcard

i dont usually care too much about introman posts but this made me laugh.

i hope to god someone over there takes you seriously
>> No. 42928 [Edit]
File 139632031263.jpg - (55.88KB , 500x765 , Aprilfoolsday_poster.jpg )
I don't want to ruin anyone's fun but I have the distinct feeling the date may have something to do with all this. I could also be mistaken.
That was really funny.

File 139576303036.jpg - (232.55KB , 1252x1252 , 3eyDAljQ.jpg )
42577 No. 42577 hide expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]


> I have no sexual desire for children but I do not condemn those that do if it is consensual & don't give me that bullshit about children not being able to consent i have been horny & desiring of sex since I was SEVEN if a pedosexual had approached me back then she woulda been fucked as often as she would've let me OK. I would never initiate sex with a child but if a girl wants me & aggressivly tries I will likely give in but that is the same with an adult woman as well. I don't even like intercourse but if a girl or woman wants it she may request that service of me. I would much rather just make out cuddle & fondle & grope.


> > What would you do if you one the lottery? (164 Million Dollars)

> Buy an island to create my own sovereign nation with my own laws & rules of behavior & create a garden of Eden & make the age of consent for girls 9 and for boys 7 the age to legally drink would be 13 & the age to drive would be 16 our schools would teach everything & also instill a thirst for knowledge in our students we would also teach hand to hand combat & meditation & other teachings of martial arts we would take the best aspects of all word religions & we would teach them about them all & let them decide for themselves which 1 to be or not be. I would also get a harem of women & a stable of workers (all free to leave but will likely not want to because their lives would be so good.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
66 posts and 26 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 42914 [Edit]
Oh boy, thought crimes.
>> No. 42921 [Edit]
>Would you say the same thing about beastophiliacs or sadists, though?
Yeah. I understand we'll never really be able to "cure" general degeneracy (sounds like a bad supervillain, huh?) but if the subject has a desire to cause harm to themselves or others, they need therapeutic help. If they have no desire to get help, they need to be watched closely and stopped if they attempt to hurt anyone.
>> No. 42923 [Edit]

he's not thinking it though

he's posting about it online and bugging underage redditors about it. and considering he's getting away with asking people he if can grope or molest their daughters, i would hardly call the reaction severe (he hasn't been jailed or in any physical altercation).

so, yea, you can think whatever you want, maybe write about your horrible sexual deviancy in a journal, hell, even a private blog, with other sick people. just don't go trying to talk up child/animal/corpsefucking on a normal website and give out your full name and address. jesus i cant believe someone out there is defending this as ok behavior. he's autistic, sure, but he knows this shit is creepy; he prefaces everything with "dont judge me/dont think im creepy/sorry if this is weird" and obviously knows most people are disgusted.


>online is private

i feel like that statement sums up most of the thought process of every lolcow.

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